Every child deserves an education and today hundreds of children with disabilities in Cambodia are missing out on their right to an education.

Meet Channy* a student at one of the Integrated classes we run at local government schools in Kampot. Channy turned 16 this year but for the first 15 years of her life she had never had the chance to attend school.

Channy’s parents have tried for years to enroll her at a local school but in Cambodia many schools won’t accept a child with Down’s Syndrome. Sadly children with disabilities are considered unable to learn and their education is seen as only a waste time and money.

In May 2016 Channy enrolled in our ‘Integrated class’ in her village school, which was made possible through generous donations.



Enrolling at school for the first time with mum in May 2016

Channy’s teacher said – “She loves to learn! In fact her mum told me that before Channy could come to school, she would wait for her nephews to arrive home from school everyday. Channy wanted to practice the Khmer alphabet and learn to write with them”

Channy is clearly a very enthusiastic student who enjoys learning and throwing her hand up to answer questions and writing letters on her whiteboard with so much care.



Learning together

We’re working hard to make sure children with disabilities get to school.

We’re helping to train teachers in inclusive practice, creating classes in local schools and changing perceptions around disability. Our courses inspire students to learn & be active members of society through arts based education.

The Inclusive Education Programme (IEP) provides education to children and young people living with and without disabilities. We have two courses, the Special Education Project (SEP) for children and young adults with disabilities and the Inclusive Arts Course (IAC) for young people with and without disabilities.