We can’t believe it’s been a year and a half since a bunch of new faces stepped in to the Epic Arts Centre in Kampot and joined the Inclusive Arts Course.

The 2017 – 2019 course has come to a close and the students are back from their national tour of  leading creative workshops and performing. This week we held an end of course showcase and graduation ceremony as we saw 10 students graduate from the Inclusive Arts Course.

“Epic Arts has built up my confidence. Before the course I was scared and found it hard to share my ideas, thoughts and opinions. Epic Arts course has built me up and helped me to understand and know my full rights, I am ready to get full access to those rights now! Epic Arts has allowed me to know more people like me and with different disability and helped me to see that we can all work together inclusive. ” – Malis, IAC Graduate, Class of 2019

What’s Next?

It’s an exciting time for the graduates and one that our Inclusive Education team have been supporting the students through.

One Graduate will be employed as a full-time Performer, Five students have been offered employment through Epic Arts programmes and the remaining  students have been working closely with the Inclusive Education team,  who have been supporting them in their next steps!

Whatever the graduates do next, whether at Epic Arts or elsewhere, they will do it with more confidence and belief in themselves than they did when they walked through Epic Arts doors 18 months ago.

Our Inclusive Education team are now taking a well-deserved break but we will be back after Khmer New Year to reflect on the course curriculum and structure ready for a new intake of students in October 2019!

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