Special Education

Some Parents in Cambodia think that sending a disabled child to school is a waste of time and money because they believe their child is unable to remember what they will learn at school.

Instead of sending disabled children to school it is very common to keep children with disabilities hidden away at home.

Our Special Education Project based in Kampot offers creative educational programs to children and young people with learning disabilities so they can become active members of society.

“We have a student with Downs Syndrome on one of our programmes. When he was born his parents thought he looked strange and unusual and likened him to a lizard. He became named ‘Lizard’ in Khmer. The boy has never been given a real name but we have been able to work closely with his family to provide them with education about Downs Syndrome. Their son attends our Independent class during the week and creates and sells products in our shop this gives him a creative voice, value and purpose as well as the chance to earn an income and contribute to his family.”


Epic Arts

Peace Class

We offer a tailored education to young children with special educational needs and to provide a safe, fun and exciting place for these young students to develop, learn and explore. The creative elements of their learning gives students an important opportunity to be expressive, free, adventurous and valued for their creativity.

Independent Class

Young people with learning disabilities, aged 14 – 25, join Epic Arts to learn life and independent skills including gardening, cooking, arts, dance and handicrafts. This enables them to contribute to their families, assisting them in becoming fully included members of society. Students also have the opportunity to earn income by selling handicrafts through our Social Enterprise Programme.

Integrated Class

Partnering with local public schools we provide education for children aged 5-14 who have never or no longer have access to school or education. Our Integrated Class aims to give students the foundations to build on to support them to integrate back into government schools. Integrated Class is funded by Aide et Action and Educate a Child.