Special Education

The Special Education Project (SEP) began in 2009. Based in Kampot we offer creative educational programs to children and young people with learning disabilities so they can become active members of society.

Inclusive Arts Course Epic Arts Kampot

Inclusive Arts Course

The Inclusive Arts Course (IAC) started in March 2013. New students, from the hearing and visually impaired, able and disabled community began working together on a two-year Arts-focused course. The aim of the course is to use the Arts to transform expectations and broaden horizons about the potential of a more inclusive society where Every Person Counts (EPiC).


How You Can Help

Epic Arts is a registered charity and receives no statutory funding. Our work relies on donations and grants and cannot continue without this help from our generous supporters.
Donations, no matter how big or small, are a great way to contribute to Epic Arts projects.


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