Epic Cafe

Serving travellers, expats and locals alike the Epic Arts Café is a model for an inclusive working environment. Most of our Café staff are deaf and they wanted a way to communicate with customers so we created a tick sheet ordering system.

The form is complete with English, Khmer and icons and our menu includes some basic Cambodian Sign Language for customers to try out with our staff.


Epic Encounters

Epic Encounters are a group of Cambodian artists with and without disabilities who create dance and theatre collaboratively with guest choreographers.

The Epic Encounters team perform their productions for all kinds of audiences and also deliver inclusive movement workshops throughout Cambodia and abroad to both children and adults.

Inclusive Epic Creations Shop Kampot Cambodia

Epic Creations

Epic Creations is a shop and inclusive workspace located in Kampot, Cambodia. We sell our own range of products and those from other like-minded organisations.

We promote a variety of creative skills through the shop and provide a place for artists to develop themselves and promote their products.

Epic Creations enables us to provide opportunities for our students.

The Diffadooz

The Diffadooz


How You Can Help

Epic Arts is a registered charity and receives no statutory funding. Our work relies on donations and grants and cannot continue without this help from our generous supporters.
Donations, no matter how big or small, are a great way to contribute to Epic Arts projects.


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