We’re back from Khmer New year, our Inclusive Arts Course has finished for the year and we’ve had a shake up of our teams.
For the past two years we’ve had a professional team (Epic Encounters) and a community team (Arts Team).  There are some new faces joining our professional teams. Four of our Inclusive Arts Students, who graduated in April, made the professional teams.

“I’m very happy that I’m on the Theatre Team because I love drama! Before I graduated from the Inclusive Arts Course I was scared I wouldn’t have a job.”


Performer, Epic Encounters Theatre

 In the past few of years we’ve taken on more theatre based projects. We felt it was time to split the teams into these disciplines. We now have two teams, introducing:

Epic Encounters Theatre

Epic Encounters Theatre Team: Chea, Seangly, Roath, Savun, Teuly, Thou

“I think that I will enjoy supporting the new staff who have joined from the Inclusive Arts Course”


Performer, Epic Encounters Theatre

“My dream has come true! I’m very excited to be on the team, I’ve always wanted to be a performer”


Performer, Epic Encounters Theatre

Epic Encounters Dance

Epic Encounters Dance Team : Mary, Savy, Saan, Vireak, Chameroun, Socheat, Srey Noch

“I’m excited about all the new performances we’re going to create together”


Performer, Epic Encounters Theatre

Epic Encounters Leaders

We’ve also introduced two leadership roles within the teams. Savy is Team Leader for Epic Encounters Dance. Thou is Team Leader for Epic Encounters Theatre.

” I’m happy to join the new drama team because I enjoyed the drama projects I was in last year. I’m excited but a little scared about my new responsibilities. I know I will learn a lot of new skills and I have the support from Epic management “


Team Leader, Epic Encounters Theatre

” I’m happy to learn new skills and have more responsibility, I’m a little bit nervous! I want to share my experience with the new dancers and be supportive and encouraging for the whole team “


Team Leader, Epic Encounters Dance