About Epic Arts

Epic Arts is an international, inclusive arts organisation based in Cambodia and registered as a charity in the UK. We use the arts as a form of expression and empowerment to bring people with and without disabilities together. We aim to promote the message that every person counts through our inclusive education, community and social enterprise programmes

Arts in Schools by Epic Arts, Kampot.

Vision Statement

Epic Arts believes that every person counts and that everyone should be valued and seen as a creative individual with a voice. In the future, Epic Arts wishes to be at the forefront of inclusive arts in Cambodia and the South East Asian region as well as an important voice in the wider development of inclusive arts worldwide. Over the next 10 Years Epic Arts wants to achieve success in all areas if its work by focusing on four key goals;

  • Spread the message that every person counts
  • Be sustainable in all areas within the organization
  • Raise our profile as a leading international inclusive arts organisation
  • Ensure high quality and best practice in all areas of our work

Mission Statement

Epic Arts uses the arts as a powerful tool for transformation that explores and celebrates the richness of diversity through creative experiences. We work with people of all abilities and backgrounds through our Inclusive Education, Community and Social Enterprise Programmes to encourage a change in perceptions and attitudes at both a personal, and public level. We promote the message that every person counts, every person is a unique and creative individual and every person is equal. We believing in integrity, understanding, acceptance, development, equality and the inclusion of all…and most of all we believe in people.

Faith Statement

Epic Arts holds the value that every person counts and should be accepted and treated equally at the core of its work. The organisation is founded on and continuously guided by the Christian faith but does is not seek to proselytize or impose its religious beliefs on others. We respect the religious beliefs and practices in countries where we work. Our work is open to all people regardless of faith or personal beliefs, disability, ethnicity, intellect, gender, sexuality, nationality or background.