United Kingdom

From 2003 until 2013 we delivered a number of inclusive arts projects in the UK.

These projects took place in community settings, schools, hospitals and hospices where we explored art, drama, music, film-making and other art-forms with our project participants. Our projects promoted creativity, inclusion and aspiration, and helped many people to see abilities rather than disabilities.

Our inclusive projects brought people together to experience the power of the arts to excite, inspire, and transform lives. Adults and children with physical, sensory and learning disabilities all benefited from our projects. Working together in a collaborative and creative setting challenged preconceptions between people.

For 10 years we ran productions ranging from two-hander dance pieces to multi-media performances with a cast of forty, from forum theatre in schools to outdoor shows. Our productions were led by professional artists, some of whom had a disability and all of whom embodied the Epic Arts approach and values – respect, equality, self-empowerment, mutual support, achieving our creative potential.

“Many of our community with severe learning disabilities are very withdrawn in themselves and I have personally witnessed them just flourish … they just explode into this different person through the Epic workshops. Epic helps boost their confidence… it brings a spring of life to people.”

Pauline MacQuade

Day Opportunities Manager, L'Arche Community, West Norwood