Donations, no matter how big or small, make a huge difference.

Your support is invaluable in helping disabled and non-disabled children and adults transform their lives through the power of the arts.


“Before I joined Epic Arts I felt alone now that’s changed, I have many friends here and it makes me happy to be part of the epic arts family.” Chameroun


Epic Arts is a registered UK charity and receives no statutory funding.

Our work relies on donations & grants and cannot continue without this help from our generous supporters.

UK registered charity no. 1091059

Donate to a special project

Give 300 Cambodian children Dance & Arts Classes

Art & Dance Classes at local schools

In a country where people with disabilities are not allowed to become teachers, our program gives people with disabilities the chance to change attitudes through arts education.

We will provide weekly art and dance lessons at schools taught by disabled arts leaders. Students gain positive experiences, helping them learn to be more accepting of those with disabilities while studying arts subject.Studies show that children have more positive attitudes about people with disabilities with increased familiarity to those who have disabilities. This leads to less anxiety and better attitudes toward people with disabilities.

Support the Inclusive Education Project

Support the Inclusive Education Programme

The Inclusive Education Programme inspires students to become valued members of society.

Young adults with learning disabilities, who have faced many years of stigma, are able to learn skills that help them contribute to their communities. Teenagers who have become disabled through accidents are able to renew their confidence and self worth. Young children with disabilities are given the best start in life and are able to change the perception of disability.


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