A few months ago Epic Encounters Dance were excited to receive and be invited to perform at ‘Samarth’ festival in Bhopal, India.

The festival brought together a selection of the best international & national inclusive artists from performance to sculpture.

Created to support and showcase the talents of the highest profile inclusive artists, “Samarth envisions giving society a message the physical disability is just a state of mind”

“We’ve been working hard to adapt the performances and to teach the pieces to the new members of the team. We’re a new team so we’re also working together to connect & learn how we all dance together”


Epic Encounters Team Leader.

The debut performance

For our newly reformed dance team the festival gave the team the perfect opportunity for their first public performance.

For the past three months the team have been working hard on editing & learning two of their performances together in preparation for the performance.

A once-in-a-lifetime trip

For some of the team this trip was the first time they’d left Cambodia not to mention flying somewhere!
Vireak, an Inclusive Arts Graduate now full-time Dancer, tells us what the trip meant to him.

“I was excited to go to India because it was my first time to dance on an international stage and to go on a plane!

I was nervous because there were lots of people at the festival and I’d never performed in front of that many people before.

I liked visiting India, I enjoyed watching the other performances at the festival, the Indian dance companies had beautiful costumes”


Epic Encounters Performer

“I really liked the trip to India. I enjoyed the festival, the food and the new friends I made! I even learnt some words in Hindi”


Epic Encounters Performer

A great experience

The team got to see a few days of the festival and met other artists. They performed their piece, “Come Back Brighter” which went down well with the audience

Operations Manager, Buntheng rounds the tour off nicely,

The team were got to see other performances festival and met a lot of other performers. They represented Epic Arts perfectly and they really showed India that ‘Every Person Counts’”


Operations Manager