“I am so happy that I get to be part of art class, it’s really useful for me. I get to think and use my imagination a lot in the art class. Art class makes me happy every week. I really like my teachers from Epic Arts, they are such the best arts teacher” 

Srey Noch*

student at Arts in Schools pilot school.

Srey Noch* she spends most of her week at school learning Literacy, English and Maths but for two hours a week she gets to create art  as part of the ‘Arts in Schools’ project.

Right now we are working hard on expanding the ‘Arts in Schools’ project to three new schools in Kampot and aim to start the new classes in May 2016. Senior Manager, Onn Sokny, tells us a little about how the project is developing.

“I am so grateful to see the students really enjoy and engage with their art class. They are so happy and excited about their arts class with Epic Arts. The students have inspired me to work on convincing more Cambodian people about how vital the arts are for children in their enjoyment of school and for their own development.

We see this love for learning everyday in our Special Education project and Inclusive Arts Course, children want to come to school because learning is fun and creative. I want this way of learning to become a norm within state schools.

Over the past couple of months I’ve met with school directors to share research about why the arts are important for student’s development, as this information isn’t widely known or available in Cambodia. As the ‘Arts in Schools’ project has been running for the past 6 months in one school I’ve been able to share our experiences and anecdotes from the project to convey the importance of the arts for children.

I will continue to meet with Schools until February 2016, then between March and April 2016 I will work on logistical aspects of the project, scheduling, materials and other communication ready for a launch in three new schools in May 2016″

Onn Sokny

Senior Manager

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