Our Vision

We celebrate diversity through the arts

Through the arts we seek to live out the values of inclusion, understanding, integrity, justice and equality.

We embrace, not exclude. We provide creative opportunities where people connect and where the misconceptions and fears that divide us can be broken down.

We celebrate the richness of diversity through participation in creative experiences.

We explore inclusion through art forms that go beyond the limitations of words and language and connect more profoundly with ourselves and others.

We are accountable

We are committed to being fully accountable to project participants, communities, partners, supporters and donors for the work we undertake and for the resources entrusted to us.

We bring about change

Developing our creative potential transforms what we are capable of and our sense of what makes us valued, precious and unique. It helps to free us from the limitations we and society place on ourselves.

By creating art that is accessible, inclusive and participatory we hold up a vision that challenges society to be more aware of these values.

We work to change the root causes of exclusion that affect people with disabilities by influencing key decision-makers and supporting policies and practices that work in favour of those with disabilities.

What we believe

Epic Arts is an organisation founded on and continuously guided by the Christian faith. At the core of our work, we hold the value that every person counts and should be accepted and treated equally.

The aim of Epic Arts is not to proselytise or impose its religious beliefs on others. We respect the religious beliefs and practices in countries where we work. Our work is open to all people regardless of faith or personal beliefs, disability, ethnicity, intellect, gender, sexuality, nationality or background.