Arts in Schools

Arts in Schools by Epic Arts, Kampot.

In a country where people with disabilities are not allowed to become teachers in state schools, “Arts in Schools” gives disabled people the chance to change attitudes through arts education.

Lack of knowledge about disability fuels fear and intolerance In Cambodia. Studies show that children gain positive attitudes about disability when their familiarity to people with disabilities is increased. This leads to less anxiety and better attitudes towards disability.

Our Arts Team provide weekly art and dance lessons at schools in Kampot. Children gain positive experiences of people with disabilities helping them to become more accepting of others whilst studying arts subjects.

The project was launched in Spring 2015 and currently runs in one school in Kampot where we’ve taught 38 workshops for 80 children and five teachers.

Art is not in the national curriculum for state schools in Cambodia. In 2016 we are aiming to expand the project to enable more children to access arts, We hope that the project will influence the future of the Cambodian school curriculum by setting an example of creative arts in education.

Arts in Schools, Kampot, Cambodia

How You Can Help

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