Inclusive Arts Course

With little information about disability available, many people in Cambodia see those with disabilities as unable to do anything. People with disabilities are seen as people who cannot do anything. They cannot work, learn, love, marry or have a family.

On our equal access course we combat this attitude by showing that people with disabilities can do many things and they can do it on an equal level as those without disabilities. We hope that by learning together the Inclusive Arts Students will become advocates for a more inclusive society in the future.

The students involved in the IAC are given a creative voice and seen as people who have significant value. Students learn to believe in their abilities, see the opportunities that are possible for them and develop skills and confidence. For many of these students and their families this is something they never saw as a possibility.

The Inclusive Arts Course is a full time, two-year arts training course based at Epic Arts Centre in Kampot, Cambodia.
Students from the deaf, disabled and non-disabled community study an arts based education program in Dance, Theatre, Art, Film, Music and Literacy.

“We are all creative people and inclusive arts enables everyone to express their creative ideas and to have these creative ideas accepted. It also enables us to see the world through another persons eyes and to learn from them and understand them more”


IAC Student

The Inclusive Arts Course focuses on five main learning areas

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Over two years students develop technical skills in each taught art form to enable them to create work as individuals and as a team.

Technical Skills

Throughout the course students learn to evaluate and reflect of their creative work and development in the five life skills, by using self-evaluation, peer evaluation, group discussion and critical feedback. From these reflections students create termly targets for their personal development and improvement of their creative work.


Students develop personal skills for life through the arts. Life skills that are focused and worked on are communication, planning, leadership, teamwork, problem solving and creative thinking.

Life Skills

Our teachers encourage and nurture student’s creativity to enable him or her to confidently create unique work as an individual and as a team.


Students develop their ability to confidently perform and exhibit their own work. Students also learn workshop delivery skills which enables them to teach movement and arts activities within the community. These skills are developed and improved in year two when students deliver arts-based workshops on a national level.

Performance Skills

Student Spotlight

Take a look at some of the work our students are producing.

Digital Stories Project

At the start of Year one each student made a short video about their lives. The students brainstormed their concepts in groups, storyboarded their ideas, organised photoshoots and finally edited the digital stories together in iMovie

Strange Dreams

IAC students worked with comic artist and long time Cambodian resident, Nic C. Grey for three weeks to create their own comic book stories. The ‘Strange Dreams’ comic book, which contains 12 stories and self portraits, will be available to purchase through our Social Enterprise Programme in September 2016.

IAC  Comic
Cover  of strange dreams