Our Community Engagement

Shaping Perceptions, Changing Lives

Traditionally, many families view disabled children as a burden, often not investing the time and money required for their upbringing. Our Community Outreach program plays a vital role in changing these mindsets and safeguarding all disabled individuals in our community.

Our Impact in One Year

Creating Positive Change, One Step at a Time

In 2022, our Community Outreach program made a significant impact:

  • Worked with 23 government schools.
  • Helped 16 children with disabilities access essential mobility aids, including wheelchairs, walking frames, and prosthetic limbs.
  • Trained 30 government school teachers.
  • Supported 90 families in times of hardship, offering counseling and essential materials like rice, noodles, bicycles, and school books.**

A Helping Hand

Our Community Outreach program at Epic Arts is all about connecting with and supporting our community. We're dedicated to responding to the needs of children and people with disabilities, advocating for their rights, and ensuring their protection. From art workshops with local artists to assisting government social workers and police with child protection cases, our program is a beacon of change for disability rights and inclusion.

Collaboration for Greater Impact

We're proud to partner with 15 NGOs in Cambodia, collectively working to improve the lives of children and youth with disabilities. Our collaboration and partnerships extend across national and international plans, ensuring sustainable change and an inclusive future for all.

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