• Our Mission

    Empowering Lives, Nurturing Dreams

    At Epic Arts, we're on a mission to transform the lives of people with disabilities (PwD) so they can thrive.

  • Our Vision

    A World Without Barriers

    Our vision is to create a world where people with disabilities are not just included and valued but are also free from discrimination.

  • Our Values

    Guided by Core Values

    Our core values guide us in every endeavor: Respect, Commitment, Honesty/Transparency, Creativity.

About Epic Arts

We're Epic Arts, and we're on a mission to make the world a more inclusive place. Our journey began in 2001 when three of us, personally connected to disability, were studying the arts at university. It was our shared vision to use the power of the arts to change lives, to create a world where people with disabilities are not just included but celebrated. We believe that art is a universal language that breaks down barriers, connects hearts, and transcends differences.

Our story is intertwined with Cambodia, a country that has seen its share of struggles, including the tragic events of the Khmer Rouge regime, which resulted in unimaginable suffering and loss. Nearly a quarter of the population, approximately 2 million people, lost their lives during that period. The profound consequences, including severe disabilities among young survivors, were a stark reminder of the urgent need for basic education and support for disabled individuals.

For the past two decades, we've worked closely with our community, shaping our programs based on their needs and feedback. Currently, we run three core programs: Inclusive Education, Community Outreach, and Social Enterprises. These initiatives are all about transforming the lives of people with disabilities, breaking stereotypes, and sending a clear message that every person counts.

Our journey is one of passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable world. Join us in this incredible adventure, and let's make an impact together.


The current UK Board of Trustees consists of Dermot Trimble (Chair), Gouri Kubair (Treasurer), Hallam Goad, Lavinia Davolio and Milly Hooke.

  • Dermot Trimble

    Dermot worked at the Bank of England for over 25 years.  He then studied for three years at the Heatherley School of Fine Art in London.  He is now a professional artist which he combines with chairing Epic Arts and other charitable interests.

  • Gouri Kubair

    Gouri is a chartered accountant who worked as an Auditor for Deloitte. In 2013 Gouri left Deloitte to further her family’s ethical business bringing the natural skincare range and Holy Lama Spice Drops® to the European market. Having understood first-hand the challenges of running a small business in 2020, Gouri set up an accountancy practice, Kubed Solutions, to help small businesses manage their accounting and tax compliance.

  • Lavinia Davolio

    Lavinia is a British-Italian entrepreneur, she left a 9 year career in banking to follow her passion for food. Rather than opening a restaurant or becoming a chef, she invented a new category of grown-up confectionery, Lavolio.

  • Milly Hooke

    Milly was appointed to the Epic Arts board in mid 2018. Milly has seven years of Fundraising experience and expertise which she will bring to strengthen Epic Arts fundraising strategy. Milly is currently the Trust and Foundation Manager at ActionAid UK

  • Katie Goad

    Katie was one of Epic Arts co-founders. Katie joined the board of trustees in 2023. Katie headed up the Cambodia office from 2003 – 2007 and remained involved in Epic Arts projects until 2013 when she returned to the UK.


Miranda Hart, Comedy Actress and Writer

“I have known Epic Arts since its conception and I continue to admire and support its commitment to those with disabilities. When I worked for Epic Arts it was impossible not to be inspired by its passion and skill in using creative arts to transform lives, promote integration and create community. And as an actress it is wonderful to be involved in a charity where my love of theatre and the arts is used to such a wonderful, life changing effect.”

  • Rachel Elliott (née Duncombe-Anderson)

    Rachel worked in various capacities within Epic Arts including Managing Director of the UK office of Epic Arts for five years. She stepped down in 2012 to focus on working in health, and continues to act as a freelancer artist – both as an arts consultant and visual arts practitioner.

  • Emma Vernon-Harcourt (née Langrish)

    Emma was Director of Operations until 2006 when she moved onto Consultancy work. In 2012 Emma formed Rounded Rhythm, an Inclusive Arts organisation working in the south of England.

  • Katie Goad (née MacCabe)

    Katie headed up the Cambodia office from 2003 – 2007 and remained involved in Epic Arts projects until 2013 when she returned to the UK. She now works part time as a dance consultant with the Mary Hare Junior Deaf School.