Dance Like You've Never Seen Before

Cambodia's Only Inclusive Dance Company
Epic Arts Dance is a group of talented dancers with disabilities. Through our thought-provoking performances and workshops, we are changing the perception of disability.

  • Live Performances

    Witness the magic of our inclusive dance performances in person. Join us for unforgettable shows that challenge stereotypes and inspire change.

  • Workshops

    Dive into the world of dance with our engaging workshops. Join us to explore movement, build trust, and connect with local people with disabilities.

  • Our Videos

    Experience the power of inclusive dance through our captivating videos. Watch our talented dancers break barriers and showcase their extraordinary skills.

Join us for dance workshop

Join us at our Kampot Arts Centre for a fun-filled dance workshop that will get your blood pumping, build trust with each other, deepen friendships. All while connecting with local people with disabilities and supporting social change. Workshops available for groups of 10+

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School Partnerships

We're on a mission to inspire children to think differently about disability. Partner with us to bring your service curriculum to life in an engaging, energetic, and meaningful way that will leave a lasting impression on your students. Every school is different, so we offer bespoke packages that can include workshops at our arts centre, performances at your school, and online engagement between our dancers with disabilities. Find out more by getting in touch.

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  • Only inclusive dance company in cambodia

  • Toured hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand

  • 336669904_1671272476664774_4557544880420843211_n.webp

    Place 2nd in national dance coemption

  • Cambodia’s Got Talent

  • Worked with international renowned choreographers