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    Our Goal

    Sustainable, Inclusive Education for All

    Our goal is to impact public policies to ensure sustainable, inclusive education in Cambodia. We collaborate with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport and other government ministries to make this vision a reality.

  • Our school

    Breaking Barriers, Building Futures

    Epic Arts offers free education for children and youth with disabilities, filling a crucial gap in available support. Every week, 55 students, aged 3 to 30, join our classes to work towards their personal learning goals. This is often the only support available for these young people. Our education classes not only provide essential skills but also help these students to realize their self-worth, something they might not otherwise have. Through our program, we've witnessed their confidence multiply.

  • Our Broader Education Programme

    Supporting Inclusive Teaching

    We collaborate with local schools to train teachers in inclusive teaching methodologies. We also enhance infrastructure by building wheelchair ramps and accessible toilets in local schools.

Working Together with Mainstream Education

Mainstream schools sometimes face challenges with staffing, and children typically receive half-day education in many government schools. Therefore, the support we provide for disabled children plays a crucial role in ensuring their educational needs are met. These schools may occasionally lack the necessary resources and expertise to adequately support disabled children.

Our Impact in One Year

Shaping Lives, Creating Futures

In 2022, we achieved remarkable results through our Inclusive Education program:

  • 40 children with learning disabilities were enrolled in our special education classes at our center in Kampot.

  • 15 youth with disabilities joined our Inspiring Course, gaining an environment to build confidence and skills for future employment.

  • 150 families of children with disabilities connected with Epic Arts. Our network of families has access to knowledgeable social workers and teachers who provide support and advice on disability inclusion and positive parenting skills. We're here to ensure that all people feel included and supported, and children with disabilities grow up in loving families.

Be a Changemaker

Your contribution is a step towards transforming lives and promoting inclusivity. Together, we can break down barriers and create a more inclusive society.

Make a Difference